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Thread: """fast""" :: 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage SE (Garage entry)

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    Mirage SE
    Infared Red

    Sony XAV-AX3200 replacing stock head unit

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    Hello nyoom. Welcome to the forum, and thanks for making a forum Garage entry.

    Post some pictures! Your Garage entry is the spot to show off your Mirage.

    I hope you fared well from the recent storms to hit Northeast Ohio. There were a lot of branches down in my neighborhood and a few weak & sickly trees, but overall things could have been worse. I understand the Mentor & Painesville area took some damage as well.

    Again, welcome.


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    Thank you!

    The storm didn't hit my particular area quite as hard as other areas, but our power has been knocked out, and probably will be for a couple more days.

    Here are some pictures of my (new to me) Mirage:
    Attachment 25739
    Attachment 25740
    As you can tell from my dash, I'm not particularly a hypermiler, but the low numbers are probably partly from my commute, which has a lot of hills and hill starts.

    I replaced the head unit from the original AM/FM head unit (not the nav unit) to a Sony head unit for Android Auto and a back-up camera. I got this car for ~$8k, which is quite a steal considering that it had ~26k miles on the odo and everything was in great condition. It was a big change driving this tiny car; I almost always drove trucks/SUVs with automatics before I bought this car. I chose the 5 speed manual because I learnt how to drive a manual from a borrowed car from a friend, and I really liked driving it.

    I love this car and (almost) everything about it. The only complaint I have is that 5th gear should be taller, so I'm not driving at 3.5k RPMs on the highway, but that probably won't be practical as the tiny engine may not be able to comfortably hold that high of a speed.

    I plan to keep this car as long as possible, so if you guys have any suggestions on how to make it last a very long time, let me know! I'm already planning an alignment check and rust prevention.

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