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Thread: 2022+ Audi A3 Review

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    2022+ Audi A3 Review


    Since the TT is in the stealership (story here), I've been spending some time in what seems to be a base A3 FWD. Once I find more specs, I'll update this post with info.

    Needless to say, I've been enjoying the A3. It's definitely less sporty than a 2014 TT s-line, but "fun enough" as a daily and definitely more comfortable while being less of a pain on the pump.

    • I think it has more than enough pep for daily driving. Merging on freeway and passing slow vehicles has never been an issue.
    • Definitely enough "off the line" fun as the engine has no problem overwhelming the tires.
    • Awesome not needing premium fuel.
    • 40ish minute commute of about 40% city 60% hwy seems to be netting over 40mpg according to the trip computer. Will confirm with manual calculation when I gas up.
    • Audi took a book from y'all who like to turn off their engines when coasting. I've been driving "more economically" the past couple of days which has led to the above MPGs; playing the coasting game seems to make my commute less boring.

    • Definitely awesome as a DD. Comfortable ride though able to be tossed around if the opportunity presents itself.
    • Acceleration after a corner is limited by the stock tire's grip. I don't believe the axle has a limited slip and not professional enough to find out.
    • There is some nose-dive but still acceptable for this type of vehicle.

    • Not sure how accurate the phone apps are for noise readings, but I'll DL one and post my findings on here.
    • I believe noise is acceptable, if not good, as an 'entry level luxury' vehicle.
    • Road imperfections seem to be handled well by the tires and suspension which ensures very little gets into the cabin.
    • I had to pass a slow work van this morning and barely heard any racket from the engine. I may do several more higher-rpm runs to confirm.

    • I personally like the blind spot indicator lights & location. Wife does not and claims its too bright outside of daylight.
    • Collision mitigation/braking swept in when I was driving... ummm... a little too aggressively for the car's taste. The brakes work.
    • Collision warning also worked (yesterday) when a vehicle was making a left turn too slowly. No brakes were applied that time.
    • Radar Cruise would be nice. Except it seems a subscription is needed. It seems the auto-world has taken a page out of the software world's subscription-based transactions.

    Interior & Tech
    • Steering wheel leather is awesome, as expected. The shape is a tad different; not sure what it is...
    • Seat leather seems to be different from steering wheel leather. What it lacks in softness seems to have been placed on durability. Only time will tell.
    • Wireless Car-Play seems to be working as it should. Connect Bluetooth and voila.
    • Infotainment screen is nice and crisp. Snappy enough.
    • Digital dash is awesome as expected. I personally prefer dimming all the lights; need to find out if that's possible.
    • HVAC controls (buttons & switches) are acceptable, for an Audi. I still feel the TT/R8 HVAC controls are peak design.
    • Surprisingly don't mind the different AC vent setup for the front seats. Drivers vents are a little high in my opinion and I was expecting to dislike the left passenger vent being right in front, but it grew on me.
    • What's up with the fisheye reverse camera? Am I doing something wrong?
    • Need to try automated parking. Seems like a gimmick.
    • Disappointed with the lack of lane keep assist at this price point.

    I think that's it for now. I may edit and add more as I drive it more this weekend.


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