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Thread: Any Mirage owners step into an Outlander sport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryme View Post
    It’s a lot bigger than the mirage. 21” longer and 5” wider and about 1k pounds heavier with twice the power. I don’t like the outlander due to direct injection. The sport isn’t DI. And gets at least 5mpg more
    Thats why I said hatchback, not subcompact. Mirage is on the smaller side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by defensivetackle99 View Post
    It too bad the Sport canít hit 40 MPG. I really like that car. Idk if 35 MPG is even realistic with 4 extra PSI on all tyres.

    Interestingly speaking, the Mazda CX-5 (compact SUV) from 2013-2016 model year did offer with a manual transmission, capable of reaching 35 MPG HWY which is fascinating! 155 HP at 6,000 RPM and curb weight is 3,000 pounds.
    I've managed 35mpg in my Sport a time or two. For the most part my highway mpg's seems to vary between 32-34mpg. With a 16.6 gallon tank it has some good range. If you click at my fuelly link for my OS you can look at my lifetime average over 60k miles.


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