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Thread: Alley :: 1999 Mitsubishi Mirage DE (Garage entry)

  1. General Information
    Mirage DE
    Multicolor Camo

    I purchased her in 2015 from the original owner who bought her during the summer of 1998. The owner was raised in the Virgin Islands so, needless to say, the clutch was very well taken care of.

    She had 184,000 miles when I got her and now has 230,000 miles (Dec '23).

    My future plans with her is to finish removing some rusting on the roof with fiberglass, bondo, resin and all that. Wrapping all electrical wires in new insulation, new red seat belts (passenger side locks up too much), painting the inside door panels and rear interior with the same camo design (or might go with black).

    She's my babe


    I installed LED strips under the wheel wells, front grille, underbody, under the spoiler, and in the rear and trunk. I obviously gave her a 'custom' paint job as she was once white in color and just too boring. I put a black Universal spoiler on her trunk along with a bike rack which I mounted two PVC pipes that carry large 3x5' flags (or fishing rods), LED headlights and turn signals, LED reverse lights and LED rear side-bumper lights.


    The back seats have been removed, all carpeting removed, inside door panels removed, upgraded the shifter, added a flat screen to the dash, a green LED dome light, installed a USB power strip, a tachometer, and tinted the windows. The horn quit working on the steering wheel so I installed a button next to the shifter with a loud aftermarket horn.


    New sound system installed in 2022 including an aftermarket stereo, 5 inch speakers in the front doors, 6x9s in the rear dash, a 10-in subwoofer (bangs hard for a 10"), and amplifier.

    There's a 720p 10-in flat screen on the front dash which is used for the rear camera and, when wanted, one of those Nintendo NES gadgets with all the games.


    Very solid engine (1.5L manual). Lots of fun to drive, done quite a bit. Mostly on my own, learning as I go.

    Since I've had her, I replaced the water pump, timing belt, new engine seals (once had a bad oil leak. Not anymore!), new slave cylinder, alternator, wiper motor, new tires 5/'23... And just the last 3 weeks: new entire distributor, EGR valve, EGR vacuum solenoid, map sensor, throttle position sensor, fuel injectors, fuel filter, air filter, oxygen sensors, spark plugs & wires, fuel pressure regulator, vacuum solenoid valve, a coolant hose that sprung a leak (will get at the rest soon), and all new silicone vacuum hoses.

    She's been giving me trouble throughout the fall, which brought me to the forum. Turns out, her exhaust manifold was split almost completely in half! Fortunately the motor looks like it's doing fine, thank God.

    When needed, I will keep at her preventative maintenance by changing anything and everything that should be changed at some point in the car's life. Probably the fuel pump, might purchase a starter and keep it on standby, as well as other parts. Power steering pump maybe. She does need a new CV passenger installed.


    I haven't done anything with her suspension. She's been a Florida-exclusive car her whole life and never left the state. Therefore, her underbody is completely spotless and free of any rust (underbody). Still looks practically new.
    Up top is a different story. Due to my close proximity to the gulf, rust has been accumulating on her roof, but I'm in the process of restoring the roof. Had to hit the pause button when her manifold started giving me trouble.


    Standard, hubcaps painted black. New tires all around in May, 2023. 50k mile rated and full coverage for 3 years against road debris.

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