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Thread: 1999 Mirage DE two-door coupe, 1.5L, manual, 230k & still running strong!

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    1999 Mirage DE two-door coupe, 1.5L, manual, 230k & still running strong!

    Well, about to be back to "strong" this weekend once her exhaust manifold is reinstalled. She was born in May 1998 and has crisscrossed Florida over 230,000 miles... and counting.

    I enjoy taking her out for a cruise along the beach, flying two large patriotic flags mounted to the rear (usually the Star Spangled Banner, 48-star flag, modern US flag, Betsy Ross flag, Gadsden, Florida flag, etc.). She has six separate LED lighting systems throughout and I'm always changing the different color combinations, which tends to attract waves from tourists and other attention.

    Hopefully in January I will be taking her up to the Ocala national forest for a camping weekend. Other than that, she's my daily driver and we pretty much stick around the Tampa Bay area for the most part. I'm constantly looking out for the next cool thing to do with her, and my next fun plan is to probably install whip lights (yep...whip lights &#128513.

    Mirage is an economy car, payments are low (or nonexistent). Have some fun with them! It won't hurt to let the hair down and add some flare. 😉

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    How about some sweet pipes?
    That reminds me of my freebie 84 or 5 Aries lol. I slapped a big soiler on it, big non-functional hood scoop from a Dodge Ramage, and some cool 15" wheels from an Asuna Sunfire And the stereo was laying on the seat with house speakers in the back. Was a classy ride. Sadly killed it racing a buddy's 4 or 6 cyl early 80's Mustang but it was worth it...


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    That's really cool man. Thanks for sharing. Reminds me of the 90s

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