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Thread: HOW TO: Adjust clutch engagement point - Mitsubishi Mirage / Space Star

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    HOW TO: Adjust clutch engagement point - Mitsubishi Mirage / Space Star

    When I got the car from the dealer, I thought the clutch engaged with the pedal too high off the floor. I'm a guy with rather long legs, and this made driving in Manila traffic quite tiring after a while even with the Mirage's feather light clutch pedal. I also prefer a lower clutch pedal engagement because of better responsiveness.

    Fortunately, this is a very simple modification to do:

    Step 1: Find the clutch cable adjuster. It's a black plastic nut right below the battery tray towards the left:

    Step 2: Turn the nut in your preferred direction. (Please excuse my mad MS Paint skillz)

    Step 3: Start the engine and try it out.

    Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you find your preferred engagement point.

    Step 5: Pat self in the back.

    Step 6: Drink beer.

    Step 7: Wait a while to get sober. (Don't drink and drive!)

    Step 8: Drive and enjoy your old and improved clutch!

    My advice is doing step 2 with a maximum of one complete rotation of the adjuster at a time. Once you think you're pretty close then use smaller rotations. Small adjustments can have a pretty dramatic change at the pedal. Be mindful not to adjust too much either way; if you get it too low the clutch may not disengage completely which is bad for your synchros; too high may cause the clutch to slip which will increase fuel consumption and clutch wear.
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