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Thread: What do you do for a living?

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    I was totally against the shot and all the other restrictions that went with it. The wife was the total opossite as me. Eventually I caved and got the recommended 2 needles which did nothing imo. Kids got one shot then I flopped back to my original stance. I know some people that said they had issues right after getting one, whether it was coincidence or not I don't know...It's pretty crazy how the world got shut down basically overnight. Work wise, I went in as normal but a lot of co-workers did get laid off. The wife was laid off as well at first but went back after a few weeks. The only good that came was the roads were vacant and I had the best commutes ever and I had a great excuse for not visiting people I didn't want to see.


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    What I leaned from all the Covid nonsense was simple. There's no such thing as "inalienable" rights. None. Zero. Zip. Nada. You've been conned. When you are FORCED to have a medical procedure, the most horrifying thing there is, against your will you can be forced to do ANYTHING the government decrees. It wasn't even the government that forced the shot on you. In most cases it was your employer who in the grand scheme of things, has ZERO right to dictate what health care you must subject yourself to. First Amendment? Bull****. Second Amendment. More Bull****. The government removed your ability speak out about the "vaccine" and all the 400 million weapons in American hands were worthless. You lined up, rolled up, and got your shot. Or lost your job. Had I still been an airline pilot or a Prof. I would have been forced to get the shot to remain uncancelled.

    I feel for everyone in this boat. No more political grandstanding from me. Ever. And Dirk, thanks bro. Knowing someone out there is concerned goes a long way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark View Post
    I don't view vaccines as "good or bad"!

    I view government mandates that remove a person's right to choose as "bad"! There's no "good" associated with that!
    I agree with that 100%.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Fummins View Post
    I was totally against the shot and all the other restrictions that went with it.
    That was the status quo here in west TN. There's this urge people here get when told to do something that makes them act like petulant children throwing hissy fits in the name of "muh rights" unless you can convince them it was their idea first. Like the masks: if the whole thing started with a certain elected official with a rub-on tan suggesting masks were awesome and it's totally up to you whether or not you wanted to wear one, but if you DID it would be super patriotic and even downright heroic then it probably would've been popular. Since it started with a "mandate" in the interest of public health and a constant undermining of health officials and their advice by people who failed 5th grade biology, that was enough to sew, water, and harvest the crops of discontent. It's not about diseases or health at that point: it's about ego and its attachment to the culture war.

    As far as the shot goes everyone in my family has no problem getting flu shots, tetanus shots, etc but allowed themselves to be politically swayed on the issue of the covid shots. I can't prove causation in this case, but the correlation was they got deathly ill for long stretches when they inevitably caught it, and I having got the 2 pfizer shots never got so much as the sniffles. I was tested 5 times between 2020-21 and it was always negative.

    Oh, and I'm a field technician for an international corporation. I fix or install whatever they point me at. Usually copy machines, printers, medical equipment, and autonomous industrial robots.
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    I kid I kid! Thank you for sticking up for public health! I grew up in a CDC family, my Dad worked there for 25 years in Atlanta. I remember running around the empty CDC offices on a Saturday because Pop had work to do but it was his weekend to have his two sons. I work in Heathcare manufacturing and testing. I go to county services buildings for employee health screenings, firemen, etc.

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    FYI: forum policy is no political chatter. Unfortunately, COVID became inherently political.

    Let's stick to talking about our favourite little @*$Tboxes.

    Thank you.

    No more political grandstanding from me. Ever.
    Thank you, Wally.


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