Here's the first review we've seen from Ireland, from the Independent's motoring editor, Eddie Cunningham.

Some interesting tidbits came out of this one, particularly a comparison of the two engines. Up to the roll-out in Europe/U.K., buyers in other markets have not been given the choice between the 1.0L or 1.2L engines.

take my word for it – the 1-litre version of it is the car for you. The 1.2-litre is not nearly as nice, though both are frugal
I wish he'd been able to say why he feels the 1.0 is better. He also recommended the 14 inch wheels over the 15's, but didn't say why.

The good

  • peppy, decent handling - "I was happy to zip around in it"
  • low price, low road tax (owing to low emissions)
  • decent interior space for its size
  • fuel economy
  • strong warranty

The bad
  • "Space Star" name may prove somewhat confusing (it's not at all like the previous model)
  • rear seat comfort not great, though room is acceptable
  • limited steering wheel adjustment
  • indifferent styling


"...It's not a bad little car." Price, running costs, warranty & Mitsubishi engineering are its strong points.

Full review: Mitsubishi go big on Space Star's small price