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Thread: HOW TO: Changing 5MT Gear Oil (Manual Transmission)

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    HOW TO: Changing 5MT Gear Oil (Manual Transmission)

    Step 1: Obtain two quarts of 75w-80 gear oil (Owner's Manual recommended weight), a drain pan, a funnel with a long flex hose, a measuring cup, two clean glass jars, and a sharpie.

    Step 2: Using the measuring cup, measure 9.3 ounces of water and pour it into the glass jar. Using the sharpie, mark the water level. This will be how much gear oil you'll have left over. Thoroughly dry the jar and set aside for now.

    Step 3: Safely raise and secure vehicle and place drain pain underneath the transmission, near the differential.

    Step 4: Using a 24mm socket and large ratchet, reach up around the front of the transmission (towards the radiator) and loosen the Gear Oil Fill Plug, pictured here from below:
    Name:  Mirage 5mt fill below.jpg
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    And from above:
    Name:  Mirage 5mt fill above.jpg
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    Loosening the fill plug first ensures you'll be able to refill your transmission before you actually drain out the gear oil.

    Step 5: Using the same 24mm socket and large ratchet, loosen the Gear Oil Drain Plug, pictured here: Name:  Mirage 5mt drain plug.jpg
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    Step 6: Once broken loose, use your fingers to remove the bolt the rest of the way and begin pouring the old gear oil into the drain pan. Collect some of the old gear oil in the unmarked glass jar for analysis.

    Step 7: When all gear oil has drained out, replace drain bolt and tighten down to snug, but DO NOT OVERTORQUE!

    Step 8: Remove fill plug and feed the funnel under the hood and insert the tip of the funnel hose into the fill hole.

    Step 9: Take one quart of gear oil and pour the 9.3 ounces into the glass jar which you marked in the previous step. This ensures you only add the required 1.7 quarts to fill the transmission to capacity.

    Step 10: Pour the remaining gear oil down the funnel and into the transmission, then pour the extra gear oil in the glass jar back into one of the bottles for later use.

    Step 11: Replace Gear Oil Fill Plug, and tighten down, but DO NOT OVERTORQUE!

    Step 12: Make sure all tools and drain pan are out from underneath the car, and safely lower it back to the ground.

    Step 13: Clean up and you're done! Don't forget to recycle that used oil at your nearest collection location, and go ahead and check out the old oil to see if you need to adjust your drain intervals.
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