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Thread: Spare fob key (very expensive from dealer - other options?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cam123 View Post
    Thanks Fummins I didn't think of that. Dealer said $358 for a key and for it to be programmed. Locksmith will do the same for $250 ($200 for key, $50 labour).

    This here is a match - same style and three buttons.

    $70 definitely beats $200. I'd say it is worth a try. I'll do a more thorough look around to see if there's any other good options.
    Wow, I didn't realize they were still relatively expensive for the Mitsubishi knock off keys. I paid something like $30 for 2 nissan keyless entry transponder keys. I'd probably consider going the cheap ******* route and pick up just a plain transponder key without the keyless entry head for 1/3 the price.

    As far as a dealer not programming an aftermarket key....I've never had a problem having a dealer program or cut an aftermarket key. They don't care. They will often say that they can't guarantee it'll work though, being cheap knock off stuff. And rightfully so...But I've never had an issue with the cheapo keys I've used and programmed on Nissans.

    I haven't heard of key cloning before. If you could clone your existing key like you would a tpms sensor this would save a lot of dickery.


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    Ahh okay excellent I think I'll do that. This one with shipping will be $32.

    If it doesn't work, oh well. If it does though, great! Thanks for all your input folks.

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