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Thread: DIY: Removing the rear seats (turn your Mirage into a mini cargo van)

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    DIY: Removing the rear seats (turn your Mirage into a mini cargo van)

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    How to remove the rear seat has been asked and mentinoed a few times on the forum. So, Darin asked me to take some pictures and do a write up of it while I had the test Mirage from Mitsubishi.

    Here we go:

    1) Remove the rear deck, and remove the carpet.

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    2) Fold the rear seats forward. Using a 14mm wrench / ratchet, start removing the bolts highlighted below.

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    3) On the passenger side seat, rotate the seat bracket forward to avoid scraping the interior plastic. Now, tilt the seat back up just a bit. Once the angle is right, you will be able to pull it away from the other half. Further description is shown in the pictures below.

    Here is the wider / driver's side seat (right side). You can see it has a post on it. This is inserted into the smaller seat.
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    Here is the smaller seat, this is the hole that post goes into. You have to tilt the seat at the right angle to pull it apart.
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    Just be careful with the seat brackets when removing the seats. They can scratch up the interior pretty quick.
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    4) Remove the wider seat. You will probably have to remove a few more 14mm bolts to get it all out.

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    5) To remove the bottom portion of the seat, simply pull up on the front of it. There are two clips holding it down, one on each side. You do have to pull fairly hard, but it'll pop right up.

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    6) Now, you can remove the remaining brackets for the seat belts.

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    Now you can lay down a rug / blanket and carry a bunch more stuff!
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