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    DIY: Front speaker replacement

    Probably one of the cheapest improvements in sound quality in most cars is to replace the factory speakers. However, it is an area that a lot of people are very cautious about because it does entail taking your new car apart! So, here is a step by step process of replacing your factory speakers.

    Tools needed;

    Philips head screwdriver
    Panel popper or flat head screwdriver
    Aftermarket speakers
    Wire adaptors/spade terminals
    Metal cutting saw

    So the first step is to remove the door panel. You first must remove 3 screws located here;


    And here;

    Using either the flat head crew driver or the panel popper, remove the upper trim cover on the other side of the side view mirrors. It just pops right off;

    Now remove the hand rest, hand grab where the window controls are located. This once again just pops off. Either use a panel popper or a flat head screw driver for this. Once you have it removed, disconnect the wire harnesses;

    Now there are 2 more screws that must be removed. They are located here and here behind where the panel you just popped off is located;

    Now grab the bottom of the door panel and pull it straight to you. Once the bottom and sides of the panel are released, simply raise the panel straight up and off the door. PLEASE NOTE: There will still be 2 cables connected, 1 for the door handle and one for the door lock. You can swivel the door panel and have it to the side while you replce the door speakers. So, it is not necessary to remove these cables.

    So here is what the stock door speakers look like compared to the Infinity Reference speakers I replaced them with;

    As you can see, the stock door speakers are pathetic. They are of a dual cone design and VERY lightweight. They are also not secured with any kind of screws or bolts. You simply grab the speaker and twist it to remove it. Here is when things get crazy. This is the hole in the door for the speakers;

    How in the world are you going to find triangle shaped speakers? The short answer is you aren't, and a standard speaker will not fit in the odd shaped hole. Not only that, but since there are not any mounting holes for the speakers, you will have to drill new holes anyway. So, here is the first thing you need to do in order to get a standard set of speakers to fit;

    Using the metal saw, you have to cut some of the metal back in order to get the new speakers to fit. Once the metal is cut away, the speakers will fit right in. Just wire the speakers (red and blue wires on the passenger side and red and yellow wires on the driver's side. I used red for the positive and the other color for the negative. I believe this is what the wire diagram showed in the other post in this sub forum. Here is what the finished install looks like;

    Re-installation of the door panel is the reverse of the removal.
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