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Thread: DIY: Front speaker replacement

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    Installed 4 Audiobank 600 watt 3 way Speakers. I cut up the speakers, used them for the new speakers, and maintained all factory wiring. It's amazing how much better they sound.

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    It was earlier in the thread, but just to put it here again for anyone who may be looking into this from future land (oooOOOOOOOOoooo): Eggman laid out all of the parts you need to nicely/easily do this without having to cut/modify anything in his garage entry here. The post after that one even has pics.


    Speaker Housing <- Seems no longer avail?
    Speaker-to-Harness Connector
    Speakers Themselves

    I didn't directly link anything for the speakers as that is down to personal taste and what you want to do to your sound system in the future.

    I can say that if you are looking to keep the stock head unit with its lower power levels, avoid spending a ton of money on fancy 6.5" speakers just because they have bigger numbers. Your experience will actually end up WORSE for it.

    From looking around, the Mirage stock head unit outputs something like 40W max/15W RMS to each speaker. Pretty much any aftermarket speaker can handle than, so you should really focus on sensitivity rating (a 3db/W difference = 2x the power for the same noise level) and frequency response (a flat, wide range is best).

    Because of the low power requirements, you can actually get some really good replacements for super cheap. These JVC speakers are the ones I use - they cost about $20 a pair and they sound great! The bass is actually REALLY good - enough to vibrate the mirrors and have passengers asking if I have a sub under the seat. That being said, once you start to push them, sound quality takes a massive dump, but you will never be able to do that with the factory head unit.

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