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Thread: More Power, Better Mileage, Faster Acceleration

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdafender View Post
    I just bought a 2017 Mirage G4 sedan from a co-worker. It's not usually my cup of tea but I bought it for $6K and it only had 45K miles on it. I love the MPG but the power is pretty bad lol.
    I think you got a great deal too. I think G4's are better looking than the HB (I own a HB). I think the power is pretty badass. And I've owned a street terror FD3S. And currently own a 385 hp LS 460L. I think I love my 78 hp better than both. Ok, maybe not the FD, it was unbelievable, if you can tolerate something breaking monthly.

    That 78 hp does SO MUCH. It's reducing cash flow from your pockets. It increases reliability (less power, the less engine components are stressed). I swear, the internet is so wrong about the Mirage. The 78 number scares the bejeezus out of car reviewers and it equates to the same thing as low quality in their understanding. But they are way wrong.

    Here's my take. Let's say you find a fairly robust way to hit 90 hp (you won't). That's 15% more power. Even if you do that, you're still going to get smoked by every other 4 cylinder turd on the road! You'd still be crushed by even a hooptie Civic. You'd have to use more fuel to get that more power. Why bother? Enjoy it for what it was designed to be, and what it excels at achieving ... being LESS EXPENSIVE transportation.

    And welcome! I hope to see you posting up in here a lot!



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    What he said. A hot air intake filter probably isn't gonna give any herspowers. It will make it louder and "feel" faster but that's about it imo. You could pull the intake snorkel off and it'll be just as amazingly fast. I don't see how an open air filter right behind the rad could pull cool air in. I put a soaking wet kids shoe under the hood of my car the other day and drove for 30 mins and it was bone dry! The under hood was so hot that I couldn't hang onto the hood prop rod. Ambient air temps were maybe 20-25c(68-77f) and we weren't racing around.
    If I wanted to go fast I'd go buy a faster car. Can't have it all.


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