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We have a few chevy's with the cylinder deactivating cylinders. It started ticking pretty loud on the highway a few years back if you held the speed over 70mph. They wanted me to replace the lifters and camshaft but the truck had well over 350,000kms on it. I changed to mobil one and told the drivers to slow down. It's now quiet and still runs strong at 550,000kms. I'd still avoid them though.

Simpler is more gooder. I prefer the manual temp controls and didn't want the auto setup, I'm not worried about them breaking but they're just a pita to use. I'd rather turn a dial without having to stare at the thing for a few seconds to see what I'm doing or have to scan through options to get the setting I want. Stupid auto temp controls....
I second that (on the auto temp controls) Especially when you have a sun glare on the screen. hopefully that becomes a nonissue when the windows get tinted.