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I recently bought a 1995 Wrangler. It has the 2.5L engine and manual trans. Sitting on 35'' tires it is quite possibly the slowest thing I have driven. It was regeared to 4.88 and it will get to 30 in a hurry, but anything after that is a no. There's a 3 mile flat stretch by me. Foot-to-the-floor, I was able to hit 60 after about 2 miles.
Oh man, that is slow. I had a 1995 Suzuki Sidekick on 29s with 95 hp. It was stock gearing, but that was 5.13s. It was slow, but not THAT slow. I have a Cherokee on 31s that's regeared to 4.56, and it also gets to 30 in a hurry. Still powerful. Not fast, but not THAT slow, either.