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Thread: What's the slowest car you've ever owned and ever driven!

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    What's the slowest car you've ever owned and ever driven!

    My desire for a 1.0 in North America brought warning of the lower power but I say bring it on! I am no stranger to slow cars and my 1.2 doesn't even make the top 5 slowest cars I've owned.

    I'll start this off with my slowest I've owned.

    I used to own a 1986 Toyota Corolla SR5 coupe that had a 4AC 1.6L sohc 8 valve engine with a 2 barrel carburetor.

    Toyota claimed these numbers,
    1.6L 74 hp I4
    Power 74 hp @ 4,800 RPM
    Torque 86 lb-ft @ 2,800 RPM
    Approx 2300lbs (2400 with my subs, amps, misc tools ect.)

    This dyno was done on a "Dyno day". I was in the running for the lowest hp car of the day when a 1981 civic ran with a/c on and pulled a 48whp run, I asked for a rematch and the guy in charge of the dyno machine (owner of the civic) agreed to run me with no a/c and pulled a 51 whp run giving me a nice victory. With a/c on which it was 70% of the time in Houston I had between 44-46whp. This car had a 4 speed automatic ,120k miles and a cat back 2'' exhaust with a high flow muffler, fresh ngk plugs/wires, new carburetor, plus a very good AF reading for a carbed car from the wideband o2 sensor.

    With 49whp or less and 2300+lbs I was still easily able to accelerate into traffic on the highway (you had to use it to its full potential of course during getting onto a freeway from a dead stop or going uphill onto a interstate) I had no problem cruising at 80mph in this car, it took a bit but I was able to get it to 110mph on a 3 mile stretch of empty highway. It was so funny by the time it reaches the redline (6,000 rpm) the valves are floating so bad and the cylinder head is so inefficient that its producing less than 20whp.

    I'm pretty sure I would be perfectly fine with a 1.0

    Still the slowest vehicle I've ever driven was a 1986 C70 Chevrolet boom truck, right at 24,000lbs with a 366 big block 800CFM holly 4 barrel. I forget what type of transmission (Some kinda borg warner likely) but it was a 5 speed with a shifter controlled two speed rear axle (10 different gear choices). It was horrible, you had to make sure nobody was in sight before you pulled out or they would need to hit their brakes. At first I thought a 1987 C70 with a detroit diesel 8.2L/alison automatic 14ft box truck was the slowest but when we raced them (easy to race these things on the street, nobody knows your racing... they just think your holding up traffic!) the non turbo diesel slowly pulled away while I jammed through the gears as fast as I could, once past 50mph the big block chevy would catch up and pull away to its limited 55mph speed as the detroit diesel was limited to 50mph.

    This is what the 86 C70 looked like (those 2 piece wheels!)

    and below is what bed it had on it

    I know ecomodders would want to burn this truck to the ground, the school district kept records of gallons used (at their personal fueling station via a fuel chip key with mileage input every fill up) and lifetime avg since they started the fuel chip key in 1995 was less than 3 mpg.

    I found a video clip of it back when I worked at the school district, this was taken about 4 years ago.

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