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Thread: 2014 mirage tires (replacement for 165/65r14 size?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richie Notrich View Post
    Hello. I put after-market wheels and tires on my Mirage two years ago and have been happy with the performance and look. I went with a different offset on the rim and the tire size is 195/55/15. I found a tire calculator online that showed the overall wheel height: a 65 series tire in 14 is roughly the same overall height as a 55/15 and a 45/16. I went with the 15” because of all the pot holes in my city. Being that you drive that Mustang I think you’ll be happier with the wider 195’s.

    Lol i since have traded Mirages's after logging 200000 miles i decided heck get a new one and I have a new Mirage Gt i really like it .
    Something weird though ..oil changes on my old mirage were easy id change it fill it to full and never be when i change it in the 2017 its always a lil over or under ? last change i did 3 qts with just maybe another 3/4 of a pint ..its a lil hard keeping it right at full . Im always over or under a lil .

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    What oil filter are you using? Because size matters.


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