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Thread: Rear Wheel Misaligned? (UPDATE: some rear axles out of spec; warranty replacement)

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    Question Rear Wheel Misaligned? (UPDATE: some rear axles out of spec; warranty replacement)

    So I noticed that my steering wheel had gotten a little bit off center to the right when going straight. The guy at the dealer took it for a drive and checked the alignment to tell me that the rear right wheel was somewhat misaligned, possibly due to some hard bump on a pothole (no surprise with the winter we've had). The fix is to install a shim on the wheel that will bring it to factory specs. I'll go back within a few days to do it.

    I'm no expert on cars, but this is the first time I hear about rear misalignment and a shim on the wheel as the remedy.


    UPDATE Jan. 9, 2017 by admin...

    This thread now contains hundreds of posts. For a summary and list of Frequently Asked Questions about this issue see this thread

    >>> Rear Alignment Problem FAQ <<<

    Also, here is Mitsubishi's official position on rear axle alignment (e-mail from U.S. PR Manager Alex Fedorak):

    I'm told by our service department that we are aware some Mirages including some early 2015 models might have a rear axle problem causing some out-of-spec alignment issues. This condition falls under our 5 year/60,000 mile warranty coverage. People who feel they might have a problem should contact their local dealer for an inspection and repair as necessary under warranty.
    This should be helpful for owners who were mistakenly put under the impression (by a dealer) that only the 12 month / 12k mile "adjustment period" covered this.

    It's a clear 5/60 warranty issue. Have those customers ask to speak to the factory rep.
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