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Thread: Reflections in the windshield, geting rid of

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    Reflections in the windshield, geting rid of

    Hi folks, one thing that really pestered me was the reflection of the dashboard superimposed on my view looking out of the windscreen. Wherever you look, the reflections from the dash added to, and degraded the view forward. This was especially so with the sun coming from forward or above. A not so convenient un-safety feature, but it can be corrected easily like this:

    A simple black matt cloth (or even better, a piece of black velvet) about half the size of a kitchen towel, placed over the top of the dash right in front of the driver. It will stay laying there by itself, and greatly reduce the reflections and clear up the view forward.
    I didn't realize how much the reflections were imparing the view, until a friend laid a simple piece of black cloth over the top of the instrument cluster. It is so much clearer and less fatigueing on long trips that way. Why not give it a try?

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