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Thread: Where to mount gauges?

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    Where to mount gauges?

    I am adding two 52mm gauges and not sure where to mount them.

    I ordered a twin gauge pod and I couldn't find a place I could put it so I ordered a pillar pod and ran into different problems...

    Pillar pod issues

    Not as wide as oem pillar

    Side curtain airbag, the pillar is designed to be pushed away but keep from being thrown, not sure how adding gauges would affect this action in an accident

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    The twin pod

    The dash mount is the best overal, not difficult to read and looks decent, I might have to cut a hole in the dash or find a way to tuck the wiring in behind the radio

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    Passenger seatbelt/airbag indicator in the front headliner, it's simple to install here, no major cutting or damage but isn't in direct eye sight and blocks some of the rear view vision.

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    I say scrap the pillar pod and roof idea. I'm thinking either on top of the dash (like you posted), or something like this....

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    You can use universal mounting cups to achieve the look, since no one makes anything molded yet... Autometer for example...

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    That way you can adjust them to your liking. Spread apart, close together etc... Just some ideas.
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    I like the steering column idea much better. It keeps the gauges more visible. You don't have to be looking all over the cabin to see them.

    Here is the vacuum gauge I use on my Metro along with the scangauge. Its all together so I don't have to look other places for info.

    more info

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