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Thread: London tightens rules for Congestion Charge Zone - Mirage now to be excluded

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    London tightens rules for Congestion Charge Zone - Mirage now to be excluded

    (London Congestion Charge Zone - photo by mariordo59)

    One of the things mentioned in nearly every U.K. review of the Mirage to date has been that it's the only car offering under 100g of CO2 emissions per km across the entire model range.

    This is significant because the emissions rating affects how the car is taxed - both road tax and "congestion charges".

    Because of its fuel efficiency, the Mirage was exempt from the London Congestion Charge. Less efficient vehicles that emit more than the 100g mark have to pay an over-$15 daily fee to drive into the city center, while the Mirage was free to enter.

    But according to Green Car Reports, the rules are changing, and the Mirage (and several other previously exempt cars) are about to be shut out:

    TfL's main impetus for reducing the limit was to stem the increase in diesel vehicles getting into London for free. [owing to other non-CO2 diesel emissions that negatively affect urban air quality & health.]
    Unfortunately, the petrol/gasoline Mirage is caught up in the rule change.

    The rule change comes into effect July 1st, but drivers who buy a sub-100g/km vehicle before then will be given a 3 year grace period before they have to start coughing up the fee.

    Full article:

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    Having been to London I can see how laws like this are necessary. Thankfully when I was there it wasn't too congested though some locations (like Piccadilly Circus) were jam-packed with crowds.


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