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Thread: Welcome to MirageForum!

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    Welcome to MirageForum!


    When Mitsubishi began rolling out the new, three-cylinder Mirage around the world, Tim (Daox) and I (Darin) decided we'd start a forum dedicated to this fuel-sipping car. Why? Because we're a couple of gearheads who also happen to really like fuel-efficient vehicles, and thought this brand new eco car deserved a brand new forum.

    (And in case you're wondering, no, we're not connected to Mitsubishi in any way.)

    You'll see "Space Star" mentioned around here as well - Mitsu is using that name instead of Mirage in some parts of the world, for legal reasons. And we may see yet another name for the sedan version of the car in some countries, where they're calling it the "Attrage".

    But it's all the same car. Mitsu based it on their "global small car" concept vehicle shown around the world on the 2011/12 auto show circuit, and designed it to be very light, aerodynamic, efficient and affordable (eg. lowest total cost of ownership and cheap to buy in many countries).

    So, welcome to this growing international community of 6th generation Mirage enthusiasts! Sign up! It's easy and free, and we'd really like to hear what's on your mind:

    Anything else that's on your mind about this car, let's hear it!


        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2014 Mirage ES 1.2 manual: 62.4 mpg (US) ... 26.5 km/L ... 3.8 L/100 km ... 74.9 mpg (Imp)

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