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Thread: USB Playback Order

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    USB Playback Order

    Recently I took a 32 GB FAT32 formated flash drive and filled it with folders of audiobooks from Librivox. I had 32 gb worth of data in about 90 folders with each folder related to a book and the files within the book chapters. Frustratingly upon playing it, the files would play in what seemed random order instead of alphanumeric order. Of course this turns out to be a common problem with car mp3s and what is required is for each file to be saved to the drive in the order in which it is to be played. This is not acceptable when dragging and dropping 32 gb of data so I found a clever solution which sorts allocation table order (this is what gets written when the files are saved and what the car stereo reads as the playback order). The solution is a piece of software called DriveSort. Here is a link describing its use


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