I've seen this on other forums and I figured it would be fun for us to play here.

The idea is quite simple. I will request a picture. This picture must be of YOUR Mirage plus whatever else I ask for (examples: Mirage in the rain, Mirage smoking the tires, Mirage next to Hummer, Mirage trip meter above XXX MPG, etc). The first person to provide said picture will then get to request the next picture and so on and so forth.

For example, someone would ask for a Mirage by a garage. I happen to have a picture from when Mitsu loaned me a 2015 Mirage to review.

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So, the first request is an easy one to get the ball rolling. How about a shot of your Mirage with the sun in the background.

Thats it! So, think up some cool or fun or funny things and lets see what we can come up with.