As you may know, I've been looking into having some parts made for the Mirage. I have a few ideas, so I'm trying to weed out the good ones from the not so good ones.

The biggest area people are interested in according to our poll on aftermarket parts is wheels, brakes and suspension parts. So, I've been looking into that area.

Since body roll is a big complaint I've been looking at that. Obviously, a rear sway bar does worlds of good for this as many who have installed the Ultra Racing bar have noted after they've installed it. However, I'm wondering how many people haven't got the bar due to the price?

So, my question is, would you be interested in a rear sway bar that costs less? What would be a price that you're willing to pay? I'll likely have to work with companies and I'd like a price target, and it has to be realistic.

Feedback is much appreciated!