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Thread: Mirage en Mxico

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    Mirage en Mxico

    Greetings/Saludos to the forum. We are expats from the USA living in Mexico, happy owners of a new 2016 Mirage GLX (seems to be equivalent to the DE trim sold in the US), with CVT transmission. The official color is yellow but sometimes to us it appears to be spring-green. The decision to buy was in good part due to the informative and positive posts on this forum.

    The city car we were looking for had to be/have: hatchback, fuel-efficient, low longterm ownership-cost, small, tight turn radius, occasionally fit 5 people, visible night/day, from a local dealer. Lots of research led to the decision, and after showroom visits & test-drives, the Mitsu beat out Hyundai i10, Nissan March (aka Micra), Ford Figo (Fiesta variant), Chevy Spark, Fiat 500 and the smart ForFour.

    Despite the generally negative media tests/reviews, we noted the high Mirage owner satisfaction levels. Our previous experience with Mitsubishi (owned a 1986 Mirage 3-door hatch bought used in 1992 and finally sold to a friend 16 years later) was very positive. That Mirage was replaced by a new smart ForTwo in 2008, so we knew a low-HP 3-cylinder Mitsu engine could drive a lightweight car with more than we'd ever need on the highway. With hypermiling techniques the smart got, best run, 54mpg, which we reported at CleanMPG.

    The smart stayed in the States when we moved to Mexico four years agosince then we've driven an inherited 2006 Ford Focus which has to be returned and sold north of the border when we become permanent Mexican residents later this year.

    We plan to drive the Mirage as purchased, and get used to it well, before making any decisions about changing tires or suspension, but are following forum discussions about these issues. You might be interested to know that the purchase price of the car was MX$174,400 (pesos) which works out to US$9590 (US$8270 + 16% value-added tax). Haven't even filled up the tank beyond the initial 5 liters put in there by the dealer, but will be reporting km/l data as it accumulates.

    All the manuals we received are in spanish, not so much a problem, but we found an english 2015 Mirage manual here. Also found an english version of the Sony AV system manual here.

    I will repeat this post in the Mirage Owners International sub-forum, in the hopes that other owners in Mexico might join in. Se habla espaol

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    Hablamos espanol tambien, saludos desde Chicago! A practicar el espanol que se me olvida.

    So in Mexico you can buy both a Mitsubishi Mirage and a Dodge Attitude (Mirage)?

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    Welcome to the site.
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    hope to see some mirage and g4/attrage users


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