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Thread: Slow to load MP3s after turning on car?

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    Slow to load MP3s after turning on car?

    Any secret to getting the radio to load the MP3s faster? Seems to take 30 or so seconds after turning on the car. Sometimes I'll forget I was in the middle of a song and it'll startle me. Once it's loaded, it's instantaneous, skipping to the next track. It's just the initial load.


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    Mine did the same thing, only worse. It took 1:40 to start playing the first song when I had my iPod Touch hooked up to it, and always started the song over from the beginning. I switched to a simple USB drive that worked better.

    You can put all of your files into separate folders instead of having them all in one folder. That helps. It got my load time down to about 20 seconds, which is still too long.

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