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Thread: Enasave rotation pattern

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    Quote Originally Posted by fc321 View Post
    Thank you for that write-up but I am a little confused as to why you guys dont like all 4 wheels to be in the air? My tires are literally half an inch from the ground, even if the car fell down (and I dont see how it would if 2 jack stands are supporting the front of the car at the 2 pinch welds).

    I am on a completely flat surface, the parking brake is engaged, the car was left in gear. No human is ever going to be underneath the car to get crushed. Even worse case scenario that the car dropped off the rear jack point......the suspension would take a 1/2 inch drop. I think going over the train tracks at 15 mph would cause more impact to the suspension than this static half inch drop.
    You had mentioned buying a third jack stand, & gave the impression the entire car needed to be lifted to rotate the tires correctly. I don't see where that is necessary. If the car fell while the tire was off, it would not be a 1/2" drop. I wouldn't want my car to drop while the tire was off, especially on a cement surface that was being used to support the jack or jack stands.

    There is nothing wrong with lifting the car up and even using a jack stand on all four corners. I just don't see the need. Lift the car up, change tire, & lower it back down. Go to the next wheel. I have 4 jack stands, but I have never used them to change a tire. If I am crawling under the car, the jack stands come out.

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    Ah, ok. Thanks Mark.

    Now I understand what you mean. Thats very interesting. Thanks for the steps, I saved it to my phone.

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