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Thread: Reminder: no politics in the forum, please

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    Reminder: no politics in the forum, please

    Please: avoid making political comments here. You can find forums that welcome political discussion elsewhere (there are plenty).

    Political "debate" in communities that aren't specifically about politics never ends well, in my experience. It's forum poison.

    Let's focus on what we have in common: appreciation for the Mirage/Space Star.


    I'm posting this partly as a general reminder, and partly because it looks like a valued member may have quit the forum over perceived unfairness in moderating posts, possibly as a result of political comments.

    Please understand that there are several moderators/admins in the forum, and we don't ALL see EVERY post. So the perception that one member receives different treatment from another may come down to personal differences in moderation styles.

    The moderators will be discussing this further to try to make sure people are treated fairly.


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