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Thread: GTA (Greater Toronto Area) meetup?

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    My dog ate my personality. I had no idea who you were directing at?

    I think isolation and quarantining could and does help slow it down. It won't stop it. But nobody knows what the real active count is.
    Now we have that new UK covid strain. They stop people from coming from UK but that doesn't stop anyone from going from the UK to other countries with no travel restrictions then flying over here.

    Nothing has really affected me so far other than we just stayed home for Christmas this year. Saved a ton of money and didn't have a ton of crap to clean up, no big meal to make. Thanks covids! I know lots of people who got together over the holidays, I couldn't care less. Our numbers have dropped a lot lately out here over the last week.

    It's stupid and hopefully it ****s off soon enough.

    Edit: Scratch that..^^ Now where did that feelings journal link get to??

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