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Thread: Mirage G4 sedan MPG vs. Versa, Accent, Sonic, Focus etc. in the US

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    Mirage G4 sedan MPG vs. Versa, Accent, Sonic, Focus etc. in the US

    Mitsubishi posted this infographic on their Twitter feed recently. It's on their website as well:

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    However... it looks like they cherry-picked the Fiesta numbers. You can get the Fiesta SE with the 1.0L which is rated at 31 city / 43 hwy / 36 combined, but you can only get the 1.0 Fiesta with a manual transmission:

    Maybe they're doing an automatic transmission only comparison.

    The manual transmission Mirage G4 is rated: 33 city / 40 highway / 35 combined, one less MPG combined than the Fiesta.

    HOWEVER, we have to remember that 2017 EPA ratings will be slightly lower than 2016 due to revisions in testing. So the Fiesta's numbers will probably drop for next year's model (as well as all the other 2016 models listed in that infographic).



        click to view fuel log View my fuel log 2014 Mirage base ES 1.2 manual: 54.0 mpg (US) ... 23.0 km/L ... 4.4 L/100 km ... 64.9 mpg (Imp)

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    As you can see in the video my G4 SE does quiet well on gas. I got in the mid 60s for about 6 miles I would say then once I had to stop and go some I stayed in the lower 50s. I have noticed that my 2015 Mirage ES with Navigation got 2 mpg or so better on average and got better mpg on large hills as the G4 takes a little more pushing on large hills. I believe thats due to the extra weight of my G4 SE (2,051 vs 2,194) and 15 inch alloy wheels vs 14 inch alloy wheels and the G4 is slightly less aerodynamic. But all and all I can still easily match the window sticker ratings without trying and actually top them easily.

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    They also forgot the Toyota iA, 32/40/35. And the Sonic, the only one I double checked, get 27/36/30 in automatic turbo, not the 24/35 they have listed. Why bend the facts? Mirage still has the best mileage.

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    Keep in mind at interstate speeds the little Mirage 3cyl. is working a lot harder than the 4cyl. in the Versa, which really hurts the Mirage's real world MPG at 65+mph. Speaking from experience.

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