Beautiful job! Really clean work as everyone has noted. Huge sound improvement? You seem to know what your doing a lot better than myself. I did also do a sound system upgrade in my mirage . So I got completely rid of my back speakers and hooked the channels up to a powered amp which is powered off my battery. Also put 2 nice alpine speakers in the front replacing the factory ones. Didn't change my head unit or anything but in all honesty its sounds awesome. I don't even think I'll bother as its already to loud at full volume and the bass pumps hard. Clean sound surprisingly. Was my first time doing any sort of sound mod so was a experiment. I see you left all the see through plastic intact under the door panel cover. I applaud you because the s@#& kept getting in the way. Didnt have the patience and just tore it off. I know its probably to cancel out road nice and help insulate the car perhaps but I don't notice any difference when on the highway as my tunes cancel out the road noise anyway. Why do people go so far to noise cancel what people can hear on the outside. I'd personally rather make it easier to hear through ride if that makes sense. Plus for some reason I've always liked the sound of my tunes when the windows are down better. Can someone tell me the point of noise cancellation in a car other than to hear your own heart beat or bowel movement?