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Thread: Pictures of stuff you haul in your Mirage / G4 / Space Star

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    I have a gas-guzzling small pickup at my disposal, so I don't often carry a bunch of stuff in the Mirage. But, this thread reminds me of a little blog a friend of mine did a few years ago: Stuff on my Miata.

    The Miata in question was a car I sold to him, and it has quite the history. I bought it for my son with something like 280,000 miles on it when he was 14 for his first car. Paid $1300 for it. (the guy we bought it from had a supercharger on it that he removed before he sold it to us... and prior to him owning it, it was somebody's "tow behind the RV" car... they believed more in paint than in wax, the car literally about 6 coats of various shades of red paint on it!) Son flaked on school, and I sold it to another friend for his son. I'd put new shocks on it and some other stuff, sold it for $1800. His son promptly stuffed it into the back of some old lady's Buick.

    By then, I'd sold my "nice Miata", and needed supplemental transportation as backup for the Triumph Spitfire that I was semi-daily driving. I bought it back for $800 less than I paid for it, sort of banged out some of the damage and fixed the radiator leak (proper brass-tank radiator... was able to solder it). It was officially dubbed "The Beater", and I beat the snot out of it for about 2 years. I did rallycross in it, beat on it on dirt roads, autocrossed it, and just generally abused it. Eventually, I got tired of fixing the little problems that you get from a 300,000 mile beater car, and that's when I bought my 2007 Yaris. You'll notice that the Miata is sporting Yaris hubcaps. It got the Yaris stock wheels and tires when I sold it to Denis! And he continued to beat on it for a good long while. Eventually sold it to another friend who intended to do a V8 swap on it. Stripped it down to a shell... and then let it sit. Until another Miata guy bought it with some grand aspiration of "restoring it". Pfffth... we knew better. It eventually made its way to the salvage yard. RIP, Beater. RIP.
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