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Thread: marvel mystery oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by foama View Post
    The 3A90 / 3A92 are very well and thoroughly designed engines, meaning an unusually high effort was put into the design. They will last very long if serviced properly and regularly. They have no tendancy of valves or piston rings becoming fouled-up. We don't need hocus pocus or any extra miracle wonder stuff for the Mirage.
    Really nice share, but I thought I would focus on this part. This is an area that I feel snobbish car reviewers do a disservice to potential customers of vehicles. They tend to focus on such superficial things related to cars & miss the things that are really important to car ownership.

    Instead of focusing on how durable, economical, and affordable a Mirage is, they focus on silly things like the door locks don't have a red mark on them. We all have remotes in our pockets. Who looks at door locks any more? We don't even use them when we are in the car. We push a button (whether on the remote or the door itself) to operate them. I am just using this as one example. The examples like this are endless.

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    Lol I saw the negative review because of the door locks. Total hogwash. I think that was the guy to give it a negative rating because he could see his foot through the engine bay. Then he compared it to a hellcat. :-|

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