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Thread: Two Sets of TPMS Sensors

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    Quote Originally Posted by Top_Fuel View Post
    That would work up until the point that you drove past another Mirage with the same 4 sensor ID numbers. Then the systems in both cars would freak out because they would be receiving multiple pressure readings from the same sensor ID. That's one of the error codes in the TPMS system.

    You won't get an argument from me on that. Apparently most Asian manufacturers do their TPMS systems the way that Mitsubishi does. Some manufacturers have made TPMS replacement a fairly simple process. On most GM cars, you can reprogram your own sensors in a couple of minutes using your key fob.

    When this thread started, it was unclear if you could clone the TPMS sensors used in the Mirage. So everyone was focused on how to get 2 sets of sensor IDs stored in the computer ( it turns out...can't be done in Mirages sold in North America anyway ).

    But it's now clear that cloning Mirage sensors is completely do-able and is the easiest way to handle multiple sets of wheels/tires being used on the same car. It's also the easiest way replace a dead sensor without having to involve a dealer.

    The biggest mystery about the Mirages TPMS system is that it appears to be unique to the Mirage...even among other Mitsubishi products. Aftermarket TPMS tools that will work on the Outlander will not work on the Mirage!?!
    Can you get sensors that use a rubber stem, Dill VS-90?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tomrad View Post
    Can you get sensors that use a rubber stem, Dill VS-90?
    You can definitely get after-market sensors that clip on to the VS-90 valve stems. I'm not sure I've seen programmable (clone-able) sensors that clip on to VS-90 valve stems. But I bet they exist at this point.

    The tool I have can clone Autel brand sensors. Autel uses their own type of clip-on rubber valve stem. So if I switch to Autel brand clone-able sensors, I will have to change to their rubber valve stem as well. I've noticed multiple aftermarket brands of clone-able sensors that don't use the VS-90 valve stem for whatever reason.

    Autel uses a single proprietary valve stem that works on all of their TPMS sensors...

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