Fact! The current Mirage is entering its 5th model year in 2017.

Fact! A lot of the A-segment competition seems to go with 7 year model runs. Mazda 2, Micra, Kia Picanto, etc.

That means with approximately 2-3 years to go on this Mirage, surely Mitsu was already thinking about the next gen model before Nissan swept in and sabotaged the company... I mean bought a controlling interest in the company!

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Maybe it will be based off the next Nissan Micra even.
I think that's a good bet.

1) Makes sense for Nissan & Mitsu to share one platform to keep costs down, and the 5th gen Micra was just released (it's just going on sale now in Europe/Japan). It's on a joint Nissan/Renault platform CMF-B:

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2) Nissan USA has already said it has no plans to bring the Micra to the US -- it would just steal sales from the Versa sedan & Note hatchback. But a Micra-based Mirage makes sense at Mitsu dealers, and I bet that's how the Micra will end up in the States, in disguise.

But which engine would it use? Mitsu's or Nissan's?

Nissan will be selling the 5G Micra with 3 engines initially in Europe: a 0.9 L turbo triple (90 hp), a 1.0 L naturally aspirated triple (73 hp), and a 1.5 L diesel.

The current Canadian Micra comes with the 1.6 L 109 hp 4-cylinder from the Versa/Note. Which is one reason (in addition to decent handling) that journalists love the car here. (The Canadian Micra even has its own spec racing series.)

Thoughts? Speculation? Let's get the rumour mill going.