Good morning.

I was hoping to get some advice from someone with real world experience. I recently took the 2017 mirage for a test drive and loved everything about the car. I currently need something for my 150km round trip commute into Ottawa every day.

My one concern with the mirage is at 110km/h I was over 3000rpm. The car seemed to handle it well but I am concern about the longevity of running the engine that hard. Especially with when I will be putting almost 30,000 freeway km on it each year.

I know the cvt runs at a lower rpm but I just greatly preferred the manual transmission.

Also in addition to that I have been told that parts are impossible to find for the vehicle. I was not going to do anything crazy but if shocks or ball joints need to be replaced it looks like auto parts stores just do not carry the parts. Even rockauto that has their own spot on this forum does not seem to have the parts.

Thank you for your help and advice.