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Thread: Dunlop Wintermaxx 165/65R14

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    Dunlop Wintermaxx 165/65R14

    Just a note for those of you who may be shopping for winter tires for your Mirages..
    When I bought my '17 Mirage it came with an additional set of steelies and tires for winter.

    Tires are 165/65 R14 Dunlop Wintermaxx

    These tires surely look the part, fairly aggressive, lots of siping and lots of tread blocks.

    The bad:
    These tires are not a fan of water!
    On wet pavement these things do not stop well.
    I misjudged a yellow light and had to brake aggressively. To my surprise the antilock system engaged and I stopped 8 to 10 feet over the stop line. This was in Oct. with wet pavement @ 12C !
    Even light slush is a nightmare as I have to fight my car down the road. A simple 30 min. drive can be exhausting. (to be fair the very light weight of the Mirage doesn't help)
    In snow the tire's visually aggressive tread seems to float rather than grab traction. This makes for some long slow starts.
    In general these tires do not perform in winter conditions above -15C where dampness/moisture are present.

    In all conditions noted above I got better performance (except braking distance) from the stock Enasaves which I ran all year through 3 winters on my '14 Mirage.

    Now the good..
    Reasonably quiet ride with good handling. (I have to run min. 35psi or tires get downright squirrely)
    In sustained temps below -15C (cold and dry) these tires perform so much better. Braking distance is significantly reduced, starting from stopped is fluid and predictable and driving confidence is restored.

    While not a "poor" winter tire in general it is a poor winter tire for where I live.
    Up North where I used to live with long, cold, dry winters and short transitional seasons this tire is a fine choice.
    In Thunder Bay our winter is too mild and transitions from dry/cold to wet/warm(ish) all winter long making this tire a poor choice here.

    I believe Mitsubishi (dealers) should have done some research and supplied "regionally appropriate" winter tires.
    This would help create a more positive and safer ownership experience.

    Will weld for beer.


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    Can confirm Ultra Grip Goodyear snow tires are good in the rain.

    Went up to Snoqualmie pass on Monday and had no issues with traction on snow/ice.
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    I bought a set of new Pirelli 'SnowControl 3' studless snow tires in 165/65-14 when Tire Rack was blowing them out this past spring. Somebody here posted a link to the sale, and I jumped on them. I want to say they were like $30 each. Great price for any new tire, AMAZING price for Pirellis. If I had it to do over again I would have bought two sets.

    They are really, really good in both snow and rain. Compared to the Enasaves they feel like racing tires. The grip they have is sooooo much better.

    But I think they have been discontinued?

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    I was just looking at these tires as well for the stock tire sizes. I've had great experiences with the General Altimax Arctic snow tires here on my last car. I think I will get them soon for the Mirage if we get another foot of snow.

    Right now, I'm still on the Enslaves, with about 7 32nds on all fours right now and they're not too bad in the snow but, obviously, the do slip very easily under slushy roads.

    Thanks for the review!


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    The last dozen or so cars we bought also came with the same extra winter tires. I assume all dealers would carry the same ones? I have blizzak's on my caravan and they are the worst winter tires I've had so far. For buying tires online in Canada I recommend they are cheaper than anyplace around here by far.

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