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Thread: Installing a rear view camera, 2017 Mirage

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    Installing a rear view camera, 2017 Mirage

    Hi, first post on here, so apologies if it's in the wrong forum.

    I'm a new owner of a 2017 Mirage (or Space Star as it's called in Europe), fitted with the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto touch-screen radio. I'm fairly certain that the radio is the same as the one sold in the US, though an OEM rear-view camera isn't even an option you can buy here in Denmark. I am curious if it's possible to hook up an aftermarket camera to it.

    My question is then, if any of the US owners with the rear-view camera installed knows how it's wired up, or if there is any pre-wiring run to the back. Or perhaps if anyone else have tried this? I can't find any information on it myself.

    I did have the radio pulled out, and found a wire labeled "Parking", which wasn't hooked up to anything, along with a wire labeled "Reverse". Not sure where that one goes though. Also included some pictures of the wires running in the back. Pictures are here to not fill up the page:

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    Do a search on the forum. I did the whole camera install and the factory parking wire does rigger when reverse so the camera comes on. No there is not prewire if the car has no camera. You have to run it to the back

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