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Thread: What did you do to your Mirage today?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timw4mail View Post
    ~1500 W seems like an awful lot for a car to handle for any amount of time...
    I'm convinced that dual batteries and possible dual alternators are required to run the amp and radio for extended time periods in a car. The amp is certainly sold as suitable for mobile use but after my experiment I envision use in an RV with a 20kw generator as a more realistic situation.

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    Had to get the wrench because dealer put last one on too tight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pryme View Post
    Not sure how you guys get the filter from the top, my forearm doesn't fit any area from the top.
    Also you shouldn't need a filter wrench. Make sure to put a dab of oil on the new gasket and tighten it down hard by hand and that's all you need. Should be able to get it off by hand when needed. I get it from the bottom way better leverage
    It's quite obvious from all the discussion on this, the oil filter can be taken off from the top or bottom.

    I prefer to take it off from the top with a wrench. You are correct about leverage. I would rather stand on my feet and remove an oil filter from above verses being on my back underneath it.

    If you prefer doing it from the bottom by hand, there is surely nothing wrong with that. If I had a lift, I may even do it that way. I find standing in front & removing it from the top so much easier. You are correct about leverage, however. I can't grab it well enough to crank it on or off. A simple oil filter socket and stubby racket changes all that. I have the tools, & I am going to use them. I would have never gotten the factory one off by hand either.

    If you do it front the top, I agree an oil socket wrench may be necessary. If you don't have that, you can surely crawl under your car & take it off from underneath. I love cars that allow me to remove an oil filter from the top. As far as I am concerned the Mirage is one of those cars.

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