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Thread: Turbo Mirage - le mons project race car

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    Turbo Mirage - le mons project race car

    New to this forum.

    I have a interesting project underway at present with the little 1.2, 3 cyl mirage, its a 2015 aussie spec ,map only,not afm , I bought a few mirages from damaged auction and basically have a left over 2015 mirage that I am going to turn into a Lemons race car(car has to be purchased and modified for under $1000 ,safety gear is allowed on top of purchase price.)The races are 6hrs in length so the car has to be reliable.

    So I have a small 2nd hand ihi turbo, have made a steam pipe 3cyl manifold,am about to fabricate a dump pipe and side exit st through exhaust system.I am simply going to run a fifth injector set up for additional fuel as I only intend running 6-8psi boost, if needed I can run a bit of toluene in 98 octane fuel .

    I have tried searching on this forum but the search feature always returns no answers.

    Has anyone removed the cat from the exhaust system completely and what effect did this have on the running of the car,i.e. did it throw a check engine light or did it go into a limp home mode.

    For the map sensor I will do a simple bleed off one way valve setup(i have used this method before)
    The fifth injector controller has boost reference and rpm signal ref.

    Once complete I am happy to share results , but for now the question is whether or not to retain a cat.
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