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So, having had these coil-overs for almost a month I can safely say, these are NOT for daily drivers... ***UNLESS you like/are used to driving a track car on the street***
I daily and have no issue. I keep spring rates about 10-13 front and 12-14 on rears. I like to thrash around. I remember going on Skate creek road on Mt Rainier. Lots of potholes and I was swerving for about 25 mins straight because of the massive potholes.

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There is a spot on the freeway where I live, where the car was getting air with these shocks on, with the shocks at the lowest setting and spring preload dialed all the way down.
Haha thats brilliant.

Always go for sway bar if bodyroll is bothering you. All aftermarket coilovers are going to give a rougher ride. Maybe consider lowering springs instead.