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I wouldn't widen the tires on a mirage. It'll lower MPG.
However taller tires, pumped up to 40PSI always is a good idea!
Taller gear ratios, higher MPG, lower chance on the bottom hitting something, or the engine flooding when going through a deep puddle/small flood, softer/quieter road noises.
The cons are slightly lower torque.
You'd have to rev the engine to 4k RPM in order for the car to accelerate decently.

It needs an electric motor! Please Mitsubishi, make a Mirage Hybrid!
I can deal with most of the issues you mentioned but need for taller gears nag at me every day since I spend 65% of my time on the interstate. I have no problem hovering at 4k RPM but gas mileage absolutely tanks, pun intended. I really want one of those taller 4th/5th gear sets from across the pond.

Also, I rarely use the AC in town because of how bad the compressor dogs the engine when accelerating. I'm usually exhausted by the time I get home from the heat.