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Thread: Bit of rod-knock?

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    If you think you have a rod knock, and your car is warrantied, take it in asap to at least have documented that it was a concern.. because if a rod end bearing goes your going to have a hard time finding someone who will rebuild the bottom end (if you can't do it yourself) and the labour will probably cost a new engine. I probably wouldn't mention that you changed the oil yourself either; you don't want to compromise your situation.

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    Mine makes a piston slap noise, much like hondas I've had, most noticeable during warm up.
    This sound can be mistaken for a bearing or piston pin having a problem. This is harmless in my case.
    Rod or piston pin noise tends to increase as oil temp comes up, the piston slap tends to reduce at operating temp.
    Cut your oil filter, you'll likely see it if there a bearing /pin going away.

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