I just traded up to the 2017 Mirage, and it has the touchscreen A/V. I mostly love it, except for one GLARING problem. I use the Bluetooth for my audio needs, and every time I get back into the car, it decides what I really want to do is to listen to the godblessed FM radio at full volume instead of waiting for the Bluetooth handshake. This wouldn't be such a deal, except that I'm in and out of the car probably 50 times a day.
I'd REALLY like to figure out a way to change this. I suppose there are workarounds, like buying a cheap iPod and plugging it in, but then I'd have to manually load podcasts and playlists and such every day. Which I'm not about. This is the freaking future, I want my pocket computer that self-updates to have control of my car stereo. Like my 2014 did.