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Thread: 1 year since bought 2014 CVT ..... a review

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cretbo View Post
    Well, this car now has 81,000 miles on it. My daughter hit a deer last spring and they totaled the car but had the body shop fix the car. It looks very nice and still has a pretty good new car look to it. My daughter who just graduated college has driven it for the last two years. We just put breaks on it and a new battery and tires; also a transmission fluid change at 62k miles was performed. I now drive the car as my daughter nannies a family and they gave her a car to drive till the fall. have noticed the gas mileage is down some as am only averaging around 40-42 MPG. My daughter put new tires on it and they are a tad wider than the stock Enslaves. Will be checking air pressure this week and will set them a little higher and see what happens. Cannot remember if we ever changed spark plugs yet either so that will also be on my list to do. The car drives straight and can only imagine how it was driven by a college gal?? The CVT tranny does seem a shade less responsive then i remember but who's to say its not just me as it does seem louder. The only issue i can think of last winter that a few times my daughter called as it wouldn't start. Nothing? then 10 minutes later it would start right up?? Happened about 3-4 times over the winter but hasn't happened since. So that has my a little concerned as it seemed like it had no juice and then it has full juice to start. Every time i went over the basics with her, stuff like make sure its in park and jiggle the lever and make sure everything is turned off ect.... other than that .... the car has been super reliable and very economical.
    Side note on hitting the deer .... My daughter did a number on the hood and both front quarter panels but no airbag went off and she was perfectly alright and unharmed. it was a big doe at about 50-55 MPH ran right out in front of her at night. Will be driving it to work till fall about 75 miles a day so will see how it performs. So far after 2 weeks it has been a big gas saver that's for sure!! Forgot how nice it is to not throw money away on gas even if it is only 2.47 per gallon right now ... Amazing how you easily can forget the savings and money saved commuting in these little cars. Still drives nice with good heat and cold A/C .... been an outstanding buy so far!!

    Im curious as to why it wouldnt start quickly 3 to 4 times in the winter last month? Perhaps the battery?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirk Diggler View Post
    Im curious as to why it wouldnt start quickly 3 to 4 times in the winter last month? Perhaps the battery?
    It is possible to flood the Mirage if you briefly start it when cold <30 seconds then shut if off and then attempt a restart shortly thereafter. I wonder if the Mirage has had the cold start fuel reprogramming recall completed?


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    ^ Not completed!

    Oh my god... I haven't done this and have somehow missed the letter? This is probably the issue that I've been having for years!
    Fuel map cold start recall (does it actually help anything?)


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