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Thread: Mirage OBD-II Drive Cycles

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    Mirage OBD-II Drive Cycles

    Not long ago Rkt Ship reported some troubles with his engine. See the thread Over 60mph Issue - SOLVED (engine loses power briefly, cruise cancels) Thankfully the fix was simple - he had a loose brake switch.

    That got me interested in learning about what info can be accessed from the various Mirage ECUs and the OBDII port. I want to gather as much as I can about the codes & info available and have been browsing my copy of the service manual.

    I noticed that the service manual lists 22 drive cycle patterns depending on the diagnostic trouble code - seems like a lot.

    I suppose this can simplify a reset procedure. Depending on the trouble condition, it wouldn't be necessary to go through a long, elaborate drive cycle process to reset a code set by one bad sensor.


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