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Thread: Used Mirages aren't cheap enough yet! So here's my new $1k car (1990 Miata)

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    I only drove the $\#tbox Miata for about 5 weeks this fall - my 5th season since I got the car. (I typically put it on the road in late summer... fall is my favourite season for a convertible.)

    No repairs this year. Last year it needed a thermostat. I replaced the rad in the first year.

    Did one fill-up at around 53 MPG.

    It's hilarious: getting back into the Mirage after putting the Miata away always feels like the lap of luxury. So quiet and refined! Such a comfortable ride!


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    I know the feeling. I drove my Delica pretty much almost every day since I bought it in September then switched back to the Mirage this week.


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    The very first car I ever got to drive was my uncle's Miata. I don't recall what year his was but I know that was in 2002. I was 11 at the time lol but it was fun.

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