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Thread: This review is unbelievable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippi12275 View Post
    I had my G4 for over a year now. Bought it in May 2017 and it's exactly the car i was looking for.
    It's low-maintenance, besides doing oil and filter changes, there wasn't anything else i had to do.

    Went on vacation to poland driving from switzerland for the second time, pushing it to the max on the german Autobahn and arrived at my destination with zero problems. It has never let me down, well it's a fairly new car but still i've seen more Golfs and Hondas **** the bed and being towed to the mitsubishi dealership i work at. Our costumers are satisfied with their Mirages and G4's. Some even got over 90k miles already and still run strong, as they commute to work with them everyday.

    All these fancy-shmancy "reviewers" that as stated before only drive the car for an hour and then talk out of their ass afterwards have become rather a plague.
    They simply don't take the time to actually spend with the car but instead compare it to a more expensive equivalent that plays in a different league, while missing the point and price tag completely. The reviews feel copy-pasted, worder differently and there is little to no room to add to it, almost like a established narrative.

    I like my G4, it was the right car at the right time. It's a good car for it's price. Has a big trunk, although i miss the folding seats from the hatchback but that the only gripe i have about it.
    It's easy to maintain, has adequate ride comfort, engine has enough power to get going (coupled to a five speed manual) and it has everything i need (A/C, heated seats, Radio CD/USB/AUX, power windows, lots of airbags, great legroom in the back and more)

    The G4 was a godsend for me, since no other manufacturer offered such a small compact sedan but just hatchbacks and i wanted one with a naturally aspirated engine, as the turbo'ed and downsized VAG products tend to be unreliable and we're not an option to buy at all.

    Simply put i love it. Easy to work on, few parts that break and even if the do, they can easily be replaced (lightbulbs). I don't get why it's so despised and *****ed about on about "reviewers". I simply don't...

    The worst car i've driven in my career was a Nissan Pixo. That car was beyond awful and was in the same price class over here as a regular Mirage. I would take a Mirage over that pile of dung any day. Frankly Nissan doesn't sell them here anymore. These reviewers should drive a Pixo for a month and then a mirage for a day. I bet you they wouldn't flinch by chosing the mirage over the pixo...

    Tlr I'm happy with my G4 and have zero buyer's remorse
    Nice post. Looking forward to hearing more about your Mirage G4 and even stories from your dealership/service department.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippi12275 View Post
    I had my G4 for over a year now. Bought it in May 2017 and it's exactly the car i was looking for.
    Thanks for the post! I'm going to make a copy in our Owners Reviews section.


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    As i was searching for some more actual reviews i stumbled over this. It was at the top of my google search.
    I wasn't sure if i should have made a seperate thread for it but i'll just post it here. (Feel free to move it otherwise)

    I can't even grasp the audacity of someone calling this a "review". It isn't.

    Maybe you can call it a review if using stock pictures as a slideshow and not even have the balls to record your own voice to talk about it and instead just use Microsoft Sam to do the talking for you.
    Tons of misinformation in the review. If you feel brave and want to waste 5 minutes and 37 seconds listening to text-to-speech, be my guest.

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